Church Officials

Society Steward, Audrey Smyth

Audrey is the official Lay Representative of the Society at civic and other appropriate occasions. This includes representing the Church at civic or inter-Church functions or events, being one of the two representatives from the Society on the Circuit Executive and promoting the worship and witness of the Church in the local community.

She is also responsible for supporting and encouraging the minister and congregation in the development of the work of God

Property Steward, Leonard Copeland

Leonard is responsible for property-related matters, including repairs, room bookings etc.

Treasurer, Kathy McCluney

Kathy is responsible to the Church Council for all financial income. She oversees the Finance Team, ensures that bills are paid and records are kept, and makes sure that the main accounts and those of the Church Organisations are properly audited.

Secretary to the Church Council, Sharon Willis

Sharon is responsible for ensuring that Council members are informed of upcoming meetings, and for keeping the minutes at each meeting. She also handles all correspondence to and from the Council.

Church Council

Current Council Members are:
Joyce Kennedy
Brenda Clarke
Alan Johns